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Klados Saturday Tutoring

Saturday Tutoring  / Saturday, 10am - 12pm

High school volunteers mentor and tutor children every Saturday, providing additional care through planning outings and organizing drives. Volunteers give special attention to students as big brothers and sisters, focusing on a group of 3-4 children in a family’s home. Through this program, children increase in English proficiency, literacy skills and social and emotional health. Volunteers are provided teaching resources and monthly training. While the minimum commitment is 6 months, most volunteers remain until their high school graduation.


"I've been in this ministry since the beginning when it was only a small group of students from AKBC. But seeing how this group grew into a humongous network of people and organizations baffles me. It's amazing to see what God can do. Even though it has been many years since my first family, I still see God and His work in the community and in the people of Clarkston."
- Joohan, Tutor

"I started volunteering about 5 years ago and I have seen the amazing impact this ministry made in the community. I praise God whenever I once again see the smiles of those we helped."
- Han, Tutor

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