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Note: All volunteers must complete an orientation before starting service. CHC provides support & trainings throughout the service commitment.

Family Care


Volunteer Type:Individual or groups of 2-3
Requirements/Age:25+ years old
Frequency/Duration:Once a week for at least 6 months
Time/Day:Minimum 2 hours visit to family per week (flexible days)
Description:Matched with a family to serve with various tasks, including rides to hospital, thrift store, grocery shopping, social service (food stamps).
Children Mentorship Small Group Leader
Volunteer Type: Individual or groups of 2-3
Requirements/Age: 21+ years old
Frequency/Duration: Once a week for at least 1 year
Time/Day: Fridays after 5pm, Saturdays after 3pm, or Sundays after 3pm
Description: Organize fellowship activities and care for small group of 2-5 children. i.e. Plan games, visit their homes, take them to icecream/park/movies/library/etc
Contact: Jessie Kim,
After School Tutor
Volunteer Type: Individual or groups of 4-5
Requirements/Age: College age and up
Frequency/Duration: Once a week for at least 1 school semester
Time/Day: Open Monday - Thursday during after school hours
Description: Regular tutoring and homework help at one of our after school sites. Organize activity/games with volunteer team.
Contact: Tomi Falegan,
Saturday Tutoring for Children
Volunteer Type: Individual or groups of 3-4
Requirements/Age: 8th grade and up
Frequency/Duration: Once a week for at least 6 months
Time/Day: Saturdays 10am - 12pm
Description: Tutoring and homework help in English and Math. Plan games and activities for children. Resources provided.
Contact: Ellen Kim,
Thrift Store
Volunteer Type: Individual
Requirements/Age: 20+ years old
Frequency/Duration: Minimum 2 hours, one day a week during business hours
Time/Day: Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm Sat, 10am - 3pm
Description: Organize merchandise, clean facility, receive donations.
Contact: Jane Song,
Food Donor
Volunteer Type: Individual/Group
Requirements/Age: Adult
Frequency/Duration: Anytime
Time/Day: Depends on ministry
Description: Cooking/donating meals for various ministries:
  • Sunday School  - Easter/Thanksgiving/Christmas lunch (feed 150)
  • Summer Missions - Lunch 2 weeks in July (feed 30)
  • Summer Youth Camp - Lunch 3 weeks in June (feed 25)
  • Boys/Girls Friday gathering-Dinner (feed 25)
  • Block Party Pizza - April & October (feed 150)
Contact: Boran Huh,