After School Program

After School Program

After School Program / Monday - Thursday, 4pm - 6pm

Refugee children and youth receive tutoring and homework help during after school hours in sites located within various apartment neighborhoods in Clarkston. The after school sites offer spaces for students to connect with one another while receiving guidance from tutors consisting of volunteers from local universities who commit on a weekly basis. Volunteer recruitment and orientations take place at the beginning of each semester and commitment is by semester. The daily support and bonding that the students experience has shown to improve their grades, behavior, emotional health, and sense of community.


“I served at Raya last fall and really enjoyed my time there! Before hearing about City Hope Community, I never knew there were so many refugees in America. I’m glad there’s a community right here at our doorstep we can serve. I love spending time with the Raya children every week helping them keep up with schoolwork, playing with them and listening to the struggles they face. I’m so thankful I can serve God in this way!”
- Angela, Tutor

"My time at Raya has been a humbling experience filled with joyful, unforgettable moments. The students taught me so much about generosity and kindness, and they challenged me to become a better teacher and learner. After two years, I have come away with many valuable friendships.”
- Vivian, Tutor

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